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PVC Roofing System Specialists in St Charles, IL

PVC Roof membrane is attached to RhinoBond platesWe’re a St Charles, IL based commercial roofing company many Chicagoland property owners turn to for their PVC roofing system needs.  We’ve earned our loyal following from:

  • Straightfoward, Detailed & Understandable Answers & Recommendations
  • Knowledgeable, Widely Experienced Leadership
  • Certified, Highly-Trained, Skilled Craftsmen on Every Job
  • Industry Leading Versiflex PVC Roofing System Certified Installer
  • Iron-Clad Warranties on PVC roof membrane is laid out over the RhinoBond platesProducts & Workmanship
  • Our Commitment to Getting You the Right Roof at the Right Price

Why Choose PVC for Your Commercial Roofing System in Chicagoland?

A PVC roofing system for your commercial flat roof is going to be hard to top.  Despite a slightly higher square foot cost than EDPM or TPO, PVC has many  benefits that make it a better long term value. Key benefits include:

  • Superior Durability
  • Among the Longest Lasting Roofing Materials
  • Most Foolproof Seams in the Roofing Industry
  • Resistant to Ponding Water & Constant Dampness
  • Resistant to High & Low Alkaline Levels
  • Resistant to UV radiation, Wind, Fire & Chemicals
  • It’s a “Cool Roof System” Deflecting up to 90% of Sun’s UV Rays
  • Eco-Friendly & Recyclable
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

PVC Roofing Installation for Flat Roofs in Chicagoland

If you’re looking to install a PVC commercial roofing system on your flat roof in Chicagoland you’ve made a great choice.  

The hot-air welded seams used when installing PVC roofing membrane are the most durable and foolproof in the roofing industry. They’re ideal for the wide variety of weather conditions we see in the greater Chicago area.

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