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Metal Roofing Contractors in St Charles, IL

A metal roof will take your property from the ordinary to the extraordinary! Metal roofing offers a good value to commercial property owners but must be installed by a knowledgeable metal roofing contractor. In fact, proper installation is the most important factor in function and longevity of commercial metal roofing.

At One Source Roofing & Maintenance we have been providing meticulous metal roofing installation and repair services throughout St Charles, the Fox Valley and all Chicagoland since 2008.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Durable. Metal roofing can withstand wind, water, snow and fire much better than other roofing options, making it hardy and long-lasting. In fact, a new metal roof can last 35-60 years.   
  • Low maintenance. Once your metal roof is installed, you can expect very little to no maintenance over the years. A metal roof basically takes care of itself!
  • Many colors and styles. Metal roofing comes in all colors imaginable. You can pick out metal roofing to match any of your aesthetic needs.
  • Ease of installation. Oftentimes, metal roofing can be placed over asphalt roofing, making it quick and simple to install. As long as a professional roofer is handling the task, any metal roof installation should go without a hitch.
  • Environmentally friendly. Metal roofing is made from recycled steel, and when it’s reached the end of its life, your metal roof is easy to recycle once again. A metal roof is much less likely to end up in a landfill compared to other roofing materials.

Metal Roof Repair for Commercial & Industrial Buildings in Chicagoland


We’ve earned a reputation as the commercial roofing contractors to call for metal roof repairs in Chicagoland. 

Our certified techs are experienced, knowledgeable and eager to please.

We can help with all these common metal roof issues:

  • Open seams and laps
  • Open penetration flashings
  • Metal roof oxidation
  • Fastner backout
  • Loose roof edges and counterflashings
  • Leaks caused from condensation
  • Open ridgecap/expansion cap flashing
  • Improper installation methods & inferior workmanship
  • Metal panel damage from severe heat or storm

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