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EPDM or rubber roofing has become a preferred roofing material for a number of commercial property owners in St Charles and throughout the Chicagoland market. As a leading commercial roofing contractor in the area, we provide installation, replacement and repair of EPDM roofing on a regular basis. Local building owners and property managers rely on us for all their EPDM roofing needs because:

  • We are Certified and Trained by the Leading EPDM Manufacturers 
  • We Fix Problems other Roofing Companies have Failed to Resolve  
  • Industry Best Warranty on Workmanship & Materials – No Dollar Limits
  • We Use Superior Materials & Equipment
  • We Work Within Your Budget

EPDM Roofing for New Construction or Replacement

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Architects, roof consultants, property managers, and owners all agree on EPDM or rubber roofing has become  the low-slope commercial roofing material of choice for long term performance.  This membrane is the only single ply with over 50 years of in place experience.  The long term value, superior hail resistance, dimensional stable, functionality and durability combined to provide a remarkable choice when deciding what type of roof is best for your commercial or industrial building.

Our installation teams are built of experienced, detail-oriented roofing technicians who are certified by leading EPDM manufacturers.  They have installed hundreds of EPDM systems on a variety of buildings around the Chicago suburbs. All are adept at installing the systems in each of the three methods:

  • Ballasted
  • Fully Adhered 
  • Mechanically Attached

EPDM Roofing Installation – Ballasted Method

Ballasted designs incorporate loose-laid insulation and membrane and the use of ballast or pavers as securement.  This method is chosen for it’s lower cost, especially for new construction

EPDM Roofing Installation – Fully Adhered Method


Fully adhered systems require mechanical or adhesive attachment of the insulation and bonding of the membrane to the insulation.  This method is for owners who desire a non-ballasted surface to service their roof easier and enjoy reduced labor and material costs in comparison to adhered systems.


EPDM Roofing Installation – Mechanically Attached

Mechanically attached systems require mechanical attachment of the insulation to the deck and mechanical attachment of the membrane with the seam area. this method is for owners who looking for the most long term roof available based upon proven in place performance.  Adhered systems typically use non reinforced membranes so more waterproofing membrane goes onto the roof than mechanically attached. Dimensional stability also increases greatly for the long haul along with superior hail resistance.​

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Rubber Roof Repair & Maintenance

edpm rubber roof repairs, st charles, ilIf you’re experiencing issues with your building’s rubber roof we can help.  As a leading EPDM roofing contractor in St Charles, IL we have helped hundreds of property owners in the Chicagoland area with rubber roof leaks, tears and other maladies. 

Our experience allows us to assess and locate leaks and other problems quickly and accurately.  We’ll provide a detailed description of our findings and upon your go-ahead we’ll make repairs that will last using the best equipment and materials.

24/7 Emergency EPDM Roof Repairs

If late night thunderstorms, hail or other unforeseen hazards have left you in need of rubber roof repairs after hours, we can help.

We can dispatch our emergency teams quickly 24/7 throughout Western suburbs of Chicago.  Our deployed crew will determine the damage and work quickly to fix it to help alleviate any further damage to property or equipment.

EPDM Roof Maintenance 

Our EPDM preventative maintenance programs provide a routine, professional upkeep intended to eliminate premature roof damage and extend the life of your roof over time.  

Debris removal, drain clearing, damage repair, caulk terminations and pipe sealing are just the beginning of our EPDM roof maintenance programs.

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