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The Story – One Source Roofing & Maintenance LLC

Picture an intelligent young man diligently going about his job with one of the corporate commercial roofing companies.  He loves his work and excels to the point he moves further and further up the company & industry ladder. 

As he moves away from day to day operations, he gets further into the politics of roofing corporations, maybe just corporations in general, and realizes too many decisions are purely profit motivated.  

He realizes many of the products, processes and recommendations they put forth are seldom in the best interest of commercial property owners.  

Decision time.  Keep the cush, high-ceiling job with an easy-living salary & benefits or do it his way.  The right way, knowing he’s done his absolute best to satisfy the unique challenges of each property. No cookie-cutter, one size fits all proposals, inferior services or recommending products simply because they have high-margins.

As you may have guessed, this man chose his own path.  A path which works him like none he’s ever taken but allows him to do the kind of work he knows in his heart is best for the clients he works with.  A path which allows him to bring his son into the family business and proudly show him how an exemplary job should be done and how well it works for both sides when it is.  This is our story. The story of Ron Jorgensen and One Source Roofing and Maintenance, now a top commercial roofing company out of St Charles, IL. 

One Source Roofing & Maintenance – The Team  

Wanting to provide exemplary service and providing it are two seperate entities. We couldn’t have reached the heights we’ve reached if it weren’t for the team we’ve been so lucky to put together.

From the top down, it’s a team of allstars. A hand-picked, tightknit collection of tail-busting commecial roofers who have been atop thousands of commercial roofing systems throughout Chicagoland.  From asphalt to TPO we’ve repaired, replaced, installed and maintained it.  

The team’s experience and expertise is among the best in Chicagoland but each team member was chosen more because they understand the importance of customer service and how to see jobs through until everyone is beyond satisfied. 

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